GymRush Cancellation & Refund Policy

GymRush has developed Platform and Services to help Hosts and Trainers efficiently and conveniently complete Bookings. Every Booking is a Host’s commitment to make a Space available to a Trainer who has paid in full upfront upon confirmation. When Trainers cancel Bookings, the Host’s ability to Book that Space during that time becomes increasingly difficult as other interested Trainers may have already made other plans. When Hosts cancel Bookings, Trainers’ events and plans can be severely impacted and may require intensive logistical support from GymRush. Nonetheless, plans may change, requiring Trainers or Hosts to cancel Bookings on occasion.


Bookings made one week or less in advance of the Start Time or cancellations made more than 72 hours after confirmation of the Booking will incur a cancellation charge that includes the Processing Fee and a proportion of the price paid for the Booking (collectively a “Cancellation Fee”) as follows:

Cancellation Date
Trainer Refund
Host Payout
72 hours to booking time
100% minus processing fee
24 hours to booking time
100% minus GymRush Fee

Refunds to Trainers will be applied after the cancellation is finalized. Payouts to Hosts will be made within 7 days following the Start Time of the cancelled booking. If a Host receives a new Booking for the Space at the same time as the cancelled Booking, GymRush may elect to return all or a portion of the payout otherwise payable to the Host as part of the cancellation back to the Trainer.

Where Trainers cancel a portion of a multi-day Booking, the Fees and refunds will only apply to the specific dates cancelled. Trainers may be able to update a Booking time without penalty where a Host agrees to the new timing.


GymRush may issue Fines on Hosts for cancellations and may (i) deduct or debit any Fines from amounts that would otherwise be payable, or (ii) invoice such Fines to be paid within seven (7) days. Any Host initiated cancellations will be fully refunded to the Trainer (including any Fees paid). The Host cancelling the Booking will be responsible for tangible costs incurred by GymRush or the Trainer associated with any cancellation, and any scheduled payouts for that Booking will be cancelled.

GymRush-Initiated Cancellations

GymRush may decide, in its sole discretion, that it is necessary or desirable to cancel a confirmed Booking and issue a full or partial refund to a Trainer for:

  • An Excused Cancellation;
  • The removal of a Host or Space from the Platform prior to the Start Time.
  • Any actual or potential illegal or unauthorized activity.
  • Risk of harm or safety concerns.
  • Any other reason.

Where GymRush initiates a cancellation, any refunds or payouts will vary depending on the circumstances that prompted the cancellation. You understand and agree that neither GymRush nor any of the other parties to the canceled Booking shall have any liability or obligation for any such GymRush-initiated cancellations.

How to Cancel a Booking

To cancel a Booking you must submit an email request to

Or visit the GymRush website to cancel using the “Cancel Booking” designations on the Platform (mobile app or website). Cancellation requests cannot be submitted through phone calls or chats. If you are unable to locate the Cancel Booking on the website or in the app, please contact our Support team.

Submitted cancellation requests may be delayed up to 24 hours to allow either party to reconfirm, reschedule, or finalize the cancellation. After such period, the cancellation will be finalized.