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GymRush is a booking platform for fitness spaces to earn incremental revenue (up to $4,500/monthly) by renting space to fitness trainers during off-peak hours. Listing a space is free.
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Download GymRush and start earning money

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Earn up to $4,500/month
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Host who and when you want
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Listing your space is free
Share any space on GymRush to earn money. Rent your space for yoga, zumba, barre and personal trainer professionals to train clientele. Listing your space is free.
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List your space, it's free

Add great pictures to show of your space and any equipment. Write a captivating description about your amenities. Choose the days and times your space is available to book. Set the hourly rate and start receiving bookings.

Set your hourly rates

Set your hourly rates based on the number of clients a Trainer is permitted to bring.
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Let GYMRUSH handle the details

Approve each booking and sync bookings directly with your calendar. GymRush provides trainers with any important instructions including how to access your space. We love our users and provide 24/7 customer support.
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recieving payments is easy

Trainers are charged upfront through GymRush’s secure payment system. Your payout is directly deposited after each booking. GymRush charges 15% per booking fee - one of the lowest in the industry.
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GymRush host since
June 2018
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GymRush host since August 2018


Who can host space on GymRush?
All types of open spaces do well on GymRush - including Yoga, Pilates, Dance, Rowing, Cycling, Gyms, Boxing, Cross-Fit, Meditation to Galleries, Event spaces, Warehouses, and Rooftops. Fitness Instructors come to GymRush looking for space to train their clientele - from 1 on 1, small groups of 5 and larger wellness events up to 50 people. It’s free to list on GymRush and every booking is supported by the GymRush team.
How do Hosts get paid?
Once you accept a booking, your guest is charged in full through our payment provider Stripe. GymRush hosts are automatically paid via direct deposit at the end of each booking.
Does GymRush provide insurance?
Every trainer on GymRush is required to have insurance. Trainers without insurance will be denied bookings. As a host, you may require your guests to sign a waiver or rental agreement. You can add to your listing on GymRush, that guests will be required to sign.
How does GymRush make money?
We collect a 15% referral fee from bookings made on GymRush, so we only make money when you do. It’s free to list your space.
How much does it cost to list my space?
It’s free to list your space.
Who can book my Space?
Fitness instructors registered through GymRush can book your space. As a Host, you can specify the type of fitness activities that you allow (and don’t allow) in your space.
How should I choose my listing price?
You control how you price your space. To help you decide, you can search for comparable listings in your neighborhood to get an idea of market prices. When you price your space for the first time, we suggest pricing it as low as possible during the first 30 days in order to attract new fitness instructors who are viewing your space for the first time. As your space starts to generate more bookings and gain popularity, you can begin to increase the price until you find a sweet spot that works for you. Here is our suggested pricing for a new space on GymRush:

# of trainees Price per hour
1 - 2 $15
3 - 6 $20
7 - 10 $30
11 - 15 $35
16 - 20 $25 - $40
20+ $50+

How can I increase my bookings?
The more competitive you are with pricing your space, the more likely your space is to attract bookings. Upload high-quality photos Hire a professional photographer to capture the space, equipment, and amenities for your listing. Add a detailed description of your space and include the types of activities that are ideal for fitness instructors.
How do I get in contact with GymRush?
Contact us at or visit our website and click the "Chat" icon.
Do I have to accept every booking?
No, Hosts have the option to reject or accept bookings.
What happens after I receive a booking?
After your space is booked, GymRush sends a confirmation email to inform you that your space has been booked, and sends you the total amount for the booking.
How much time should I allow for Instructors to set up and leave my space?
We kindly ask that you permit instructors to arrive 15 mins before the sessions starts and 15 mins to clean and exit your space.